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​Rainbow Preschool

Rainbow Preschool’s program is designed with age-appropriate goals and activities based on New York state learning standards for kindergarten readiness. The program integrates children from 2½ - 5 years old with developmental and intellectual disabilities and children without disabilities, giving both groups an unprecedented learning experience. Our preschool teachers are NY State certified, with teacher assistants and aides in every classroom.

Parents can choose to send their child to Rainbow for two or more days per week, for sessions from 8:45-11:15 a.m. or 12:30-3 p.m. Rainbow’s pre-kindergarten program is available at our Rainbow Centers at the Arnold Gregory Complex, 243 South Main St., Albion, and in the Robert Morris Building at 80 Union St., Batavia. The Nursery/Preschool Friends program includes children without disabilities ages 2½ – 5.

Upon referral to Rainbow Preschool, each child receives a thorough diagnostic evaluation and educational assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses. After consultation with the family, educational and clinical teams, an educational program is designed to help the child reach their fullest potential. These services can then be provided at one of Rainbow Preschool’s locations.

Our classes are filled with educational toys, games, art supplies and computers. Group activities include songs, games, finger plays, rhymes, music and movement, gym activities and more. We encourage pretend play and foster independence by teaching problem solving, sharing, self-dressing skills and toilet training. Kindergarten readiness includes learning letters, pre-reading skills and math skills such as shapes and numbers.

The Albion preschool features the Rachel Miller Socio-Dramatic Play Center, where pretend play is used to safely simulate real-world situations. Benefits of the play center include:

  • Language skills: increasing vocabulary and sentence length, learning concepts and categorization.
  • Cognitive skill development: pre-writing skills, early literacy, math and science concepts.
  • Practice fine/gross motor skills: sensory needs, body awareness.

For information on rates, please call 585-589-5384.

For information on early childhood development milestones, here is information from the CDC.

Kindergarten transition video presented by Parent Network of Western New York.

NEW INFORMATION: To email Rainbow preschool directly, use rainbowps@arcgo.org.

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